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I’m Emma and the face and creativity behind e.l.sart….which stands for Emma Louise Stanley Art! 
I was a high school art teacher for nine years before retraining into Special Education, then I  had my children and have only returned to teaching a couple of days a week. 
I used to practice art by doing mainly large, chalk pastel works, but I found this impossible once little hands came along and wanted to help! So in 2019 I purchased an iPad and an Apple Pencil and the rest is history. 
Working digitally means that I can create sitting on the floor while kids are going to sleep, or whipping it out in the car between appointments or fitting in five minutes when I can during my busy day to day life! It’s NOT at all glamorous that’s for sure. 
I know I do not scratch the surface of what I can do digitally, I use the iPad and Apple Pencil like it’s a piece of paper, that’s why you might find my works a little different to other digital artworks you have seen. I got into it purely for convenience, but it turns out I love it and thankfully, so do you! 
I thankfully have a very supportive husband, who believes in me and lets me pursue all of these dreams of mine! 
It’s always been my dream to earn a living  creatively, so I really thank you from the bottom of of my heart for helping me to make this happen!

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